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All biochemical and bacterial tests and analyses of chicken meat are made at scientific institute of food safety, animal health and environment «BIOR». This institute has Latvian, German and Russian accreditation under ISO 17025 standard.

Special technical conditions of mechanically deboned meat production were developed and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Latvian Republic and the State Food Veterinary Service.

To provide the consumers with healthy food, our enterprise has HACCP system on. For the moment Vilattrans Ltd produces mechanically deboned chicken meat Ø 1 mm and Ø 3mm, packed into 12 kg polyblocks and also mechanically deboned chicken meat Ø 1 mm in 0.5 kg retail pack.

Our products are packed up in the disposable polyethylene marked bags. Frozen polyblocks are placed and stored on wooden pallets at -18°C.

During the process of manufacture of mechanically separated meat there is a by-product – crushed poultry bones which are sold frozen to the mink farms. Mechanically deboned meat is used in manufacture of all kinds of sausages, boiled sausages, pelmeni, ravioli, half-finished products (for example cutlets), canned meat products and etc.