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Samogon production

SIA "VILATTRANS" in 2021 began the production of samogon (Home Vodka) (distillate) in a new workshop built from zero. Equipment from European manufacturers was purchased. We developed the design of the bottle and labels, as well as our own brand.
We produce our Samogon under the "Праздничный самогон" (Celebration Samogon) (Home Celebration Vodka) brand. For the production of (Celebration Samogon) (Home celebration Vodka), is used an old recipe, which includes only natural products that don’t contain gluten. To produce of 1 liter of Samogon requires 1.5 kg of high quality natural honey. Multiple tastings have shown that "Праздничный самогон" (Celebration Samogon) (Home Celebration Vodka) is worthy of competition with other spirits.